It is said "mistakes lead to discoveries" but who knew back then that, "HALF MISTAKE" will become my identification. Hi ! We are JOVI (Jyoti & Vinod) and our brand half mistake is for all those contemporary women who want to set free from the shackles of sarees and step ahead towards modernity.

Half Mistake by JOVI is a platform where best of dresses are available for every age group and all occasions. We deal into Cotton, Khadi, Rayon and we play with hand block prints and silhouettes to give you that carefree, young and outstanding appeal.

We started this venture half-heartedly back in 2012 and with an appreciation of all and guidance of my loveliest people, we have come up till here. The sole motive behind our designs is to add that "style" factor in your daily routines. Our designs reflect a mix of rich Rajasthani culture, craftsmanship, and touch of trending fashion. We firmly believe that in the clothing lies some strange power and thereby we design dresses which not only feel comfy but also speak of your style and power.

HM is our favourite mistake and hope it becomes your addiction too with its bright, beautiful collection and incredible online shopping experience.